"I want to help you grow your fan base & ultimately sell more books!"

When I decided I wanted to write my first book E.X.O. - The Legend of Wale Williams, I was terrified. I was a first time author who knew nothing about building a fanbase, PR or getting my books out there. One thing that did help though is I had 7 years of experience in Web Design, Branding & Online Marketing. So I took myself on as my first client. I had very lofty goals like being interview by CNN or being featured on Forbes. At the time they seemed unreasonable, but I believed so much in myself and my product that I laid out a plan to reach those goals. 6 months later my book was featured on CNN , Forbes, Mashable, The Huffington Post, BBC and more!
If you are a writer, author, speaker or publisher, I can and want to help you! I want to help you build a brand similar to how I built mine. A brand that will attract the right type of readers (“your” readers) and audience. It could be from the inception of your idea/story to signing your first book at a local bookstore, or it could just be designing your website or maybe you just need your name logo and book cover. You could also need help using Facebook marketing to grow your email list. Whatever it is, I’m here to help get your brand to the level it needs to be to attract more readers, keep your current fans engaged and sell more books! Plus, if you sign up for any of our services today, you get a FREE Logo or Book Cover!

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What I Believe I can do for You

  • Build (or rebuild) a brand and online presence that allows you to grow your fan base/readers by making your messaging (website, logo, book cover, social media pages, promo video, newsletters etc.) more consistent and engaging. What this does is actually drive more prospects to you rather than just bore them with words.
  • Teach you how to make the story not just about your ‘story’ (i.e your book), but about you as well. Your readers want to connect to you and your journey not just your characters. By doing this, you make yourself more attractive to readers, journalists and bloggers. Which gives you free press!
  • Set you up on social media (brand all relevant pages)
  • Market your brand and products online (social media, google) in a way that’s not obtrusive, but instead natural. Allowing readers to relate to you and empathize with your journey as a writer.
  • Build an email list of readers over time that would last a lifetime. Social media platforms and google change their settings every so often. With an email list you can carry your fans anywhere and everywhere!
  • Help you set up accounts on all the major platforms (Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Goodreads, Copyright Registration etc.) as well as sort out Barcodes & ISBN setup. It’s mundane work, but I don’t mind doing it because I know my way around. This gives you time to focus on what you love and do best, write!
Facebook Ads

Over 5000 clicks to my book's website in a month using Facebook Ads

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My list growth skyrocketed in a month when I decided to implement some great techniques.