marketing mistakes

7 Marketing Mistakes that Make you Look Dumb

As a marketer, you need to speak to my emotions to convince me to buy your product or offer. No matter how great the product is, if I as the customer does not see how it will benefit me, then you are screaming to a deaf man. Here are 7 marketing mistakes that make you look dumb.

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public relations and marketing

Save Time. Save Money. Combining Public Relations and Marketing

B2B businesses need to effectively communicate their messages in a timely and cost effective manner that will endear their brand to their consumers. Online and offline marketing can be part of your Public Relations.

Merging the PR and marketing departments can save you lots of money and time, and create a positive impact in your market. I am convinced that this is also why NBC merged its communications, marketing and promo departments in 2010.

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how to brand a business

How to Brand a Business Without Breaking the Bank

It is easy to tell yourself that you do not have money, people, skills, ideas or time to create a successful brand. The truth is you have all these resources. It’s just that you don’t know how to maximally use them. Business success is mainly about how well you leverage your marketing tools to create a powerful brand. Branding does not have to

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clean website design

Why you Should Focus on Clean Website Design

Is it true that a book should not be judged by its cover? It may be true for some cases but in website design, you will surely be judged by the cover. First impression matters in web design. A mere glance at your site’s homepage will either attract a visitor or make him or her navigate away from your site.

A clean website design focuses more on the aesthetics of your page as well as the content.  What’s the benefit of a clean website design? Talk of high search engine rankings, high page views, high clickthrough rates,

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marketing your business

Don’t do these 7 Things When Marketing your Business

The worst mistake you can do for your business is not to market your products and services. No one will know that you exist, no one will buy and no sales will be made. When marketing your business, you should also know what to avoid. Here are seven things you should not do when

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website design process

10 Ways to Simplify your website design process

It is quite hard for business owners to be objective on the design and information to include in their websites. Sometimes getting a second opinion can simplify the process. At some point during your website design process, you can lose focus on your main goal. Thus, it is always good to make a few notes when you are

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small business success

The Road Map to Small Business Success

Small business owners do not have an option but involve themselves with the day to day running of their business. SMB owners usually have to think creatively and go an extra mile to make their entities successful.

There is no proven formula to becoming profitable; you have to work your way to success.

The road to small business success is not smooth; you will encounter problems like cash flow, budget shortages and other setbacks.

In business, and life, it does not matter how many times you fall, but the number of times you rise up after you fall. To succeed as a small business, you must

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how to build a brand

How to Build a Brand that your Clients will Love

I get approached a lot about the topic ‘How to Build a Brand’ and I always answer by saying: customers buy from brands with certain characteristics. These characteristics cement the relationship between you (or your business) and your clients. Nurturing good customer relationships is important to growing your business.

With that said, there is need to build a brand that clients will love, anticipate and depend on for the solutions they may

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successful marketing strategies

5 Laws for Successful Marketing Strategies

Successful marketing strategies are important whether you are running a small retail shop, a wholesale store, a partnership or a multi-million dollar corporation. A successful marketing strategy is implemented continuously and reviewed if need be in line with changing consumer preferences, marketing events and actions of your competitors.

You don’t have to spend a fortune or be super creative to generate leads and sales. The trick is to develop

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