Inbound Marketing: Thinking About Your Ideal Customer, not Your Average Customer

Inbound Marketing

Customers are treasures thus they have to be taken care of. I love all my customers but there are average customers and ideal customers. What differentiates them is quite obvious. The ideal customers give me more sales and loyalty than the average ones. Now, how can inbound or content marketing strategy be used to take care of my ideal customers?

Inbound Marketing

Our era of internet and mobile has put traditional way of advertising behind such as advertising in TV, radio, billboards, newspapers and magazines. Advertising is most effective when there is a crowd and the crowd’s direction is cyberspace. Thus, modern ways of advertising are geared towards cyberspace audiences.

Inbound marketing is attracting leads through good content, blogs, podcasts, ebooks, videos, enewsletters, SEO and social media. At the success of an inbound marketing strategy, customers are gained but another challenge for me is to retain them. Otherwise, they simply come and go.

Customer Retention

As the old adage “Make new friends and keep the old. Those are silver, and these are gold.” I think this applies to marketing and sales as well. New customers are silver and the old ones are gold. It is right enough to continue attracting new customers but when you already have an existing customer base, it is more important to have them kept intact. Then focus more on the ideal customer, the one who most likely would stay and give his loyalty to the business and its products.

Steps in Content Marketing

The three major steps of content marketing is getting found, convert and analyze. With a customer base already existing, inbound marketing would require more focus and improvement because you already know that you have a regular audience; and even have a clearer practical idea of their tastes. By this time, I think more about what my ideal customers are interested about and use those areas of interests of theirs in my contents and automated emails.

Taking Care of My Online Reputation

No one would like to establish a business relationship with a business that has a bad reputation. Every business, big and small needs a good online reputation to keep the steady flow of ideal customers. This can be done by establishing a good reputation online through the kind of content delivered, premium goods, excellent services and above-average customer relations.

Taking Care of My Customers

Take care of the customers. This is typical of any business. I use inbound marketing to take care of my customers by thanking them in the first place, welcome a new customer and recognize a returning one. Automated emails to me are not enough. I send a personalized email to my customers if necessary.  When customers are well taken care of, even the average customers will transform into ideal ones.

What is Branding Strategy

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